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Sasha is one of the hardest working trainers I know and does what he says he's going to do. He's a fast tracker who knows how to make adjustments to reach higher and higher levels of success, not only for himself, but for others, as well! He is a man of his word and delivers what he promises.

John LaValle

President of the society of NLP™ - co-author of Persuasion Engineering®
Sasha is a great teacher and a motivator who with his personal example affects the speed and quality of knowledge transmission to his students. He is indeed an exceptional teacher who does not set rigid framework in his teaching role. A great teacher encourages creativity without deviating from the theme, and that is exactly what Shasa is good at. I highly recommend Sasha as a presenter and trainer. Above all, the strategies and tools he uses to teach will help you in setting and controlling the right mindset towards achieving your desired goals.

Igor Saric

Davis Cup team assistant coach
Sasha really taught me how attitude and state is important in life, and lead me to realize what my own priorities are. You could read about what he does - teaches presentation and communication skills - and you could teach yourself about NLP from books and videos, and still not get even a small percentage of what Sasha can show you in a few days. And he's helping people all the time, overdelivering by default!People like him can be like a force of nature.

Ivan Voras

Owner at Ideja na Kvadrat
Sasha is an outstanding teacher. With his distinct way of transmitting knowledge he helped me a lot in process of reaching the desired state of mind needed for successful business negotiations and conference lectures.

Josip Nađ

SAP Consultant, Konex d.o.o.
Attending Sasha's NLP trainings was amazing experience. Competence in NLP, communication, dynamic presentations, self-improvement is definitely doubtless while his "knowledge transfer" skills are unbeatable - he always tries to make things simple and get to the point, focusing on a real thing. Nevertheless he is an incredible person ready to accept the challenge of any kind.

Ivan Šulc

Research at Končar
Sasa is a great NLP trainer and life coach. With his NLP skills he succeeded in changing my life for better. I believe I am a much better person and worker since I met Sasa. He is a true life coach and I think with his life example and abilities he can change everybody’s life for better. Sasa, thank you for making me a better person.

Ivan Pisarovic

System Intergration and Verfication at Ericsson Nikola Tesla
His lessons always have added value for a listener. Sasa does not limit his knowledge to the planned content of the lectures, but recognises the needs of groups and individuals, and currently adapts. He is always ready to listen my needs (as a client). Recognizes the great potential of every client progress. Raises the awareness of it and encourages client's development. Sasa is conscientious and always keeps his promises, which I appreciate very much.

Lana Cebovic Stjepic

Market Access Specialist at GSK
I haven't met a person with such energy and assertiveness. Thanks Sasha, you thought me great things!

Dubravka Kokanovic

Architect at Foret arhitektura
Sasha created tangible benefits for my team!

Borut Zemljic

CEO at New Tech Group AG
Passion and knowledge are the key words if talking about Sasha's work. As an entrepreneur Sasha is always acchieving success due to his clear vision, strong motivation, and strategic planning of each and every step. With his interesting and inspireing lectures Sasha has set up the bar very high when doing public speaking. Beyond all Sasha is great person willing to help and to share his knowledge and passion as well as to encourage other people to be their better selves.

Martina Lucic Canak

Co Owner / Managing Director at magic4.club
I have been public speaking since 2009 and always tried to do my best. Training provided by Sasha made dramatic imrprovement in my nonverbal communication skills and gave me the edge in achieving more success in my speaches and presentations.

Branko Boro

Social Media Manages
Sasha is methodical, very creative and great expert in personal development field and other areas. His presentation skills and his ability to transmit knowledge is amazing. I would confidently recommend him to any person or company. It was a pleasure to work with Sasha and I'm looking forward to do so again in the future.

Dunja Jerkovic

Sasha is an excellent coach. He taught me how to listen to others, hear their needs (values), how to adjust their values to my own and create a win-win result. After his training and some work on it, under his guidance, my communication has become much more successful and much more fun. / Sasha probably wouldn't agreed on it completely 😉

Tomislav Novak

CEO at Međimurske novine
Sasha is a creative, energetic and supporting coach. His innovative and "out of the box" approach to seemingly complex personal and business affairs made me look at myself and my surrounding through a new set of eyes.

Petar Soldatek

Team Leader at AMOS Austria GmbH
Sasha made me rethink about where I am and where I'm heading to. He has a strong will and commitment to succeed in whatever his goal is or will be. Looking forward to his first book!

Drazen Klaric

IT Architect
Sasha introduced me into new world of communication...and helped me restructure my PhD path. How I am PhD, thank you for that!

Anita Lukic

esident at The Department of Anesthesiology, Reanimatology, and Intensive Care Medicine, Varazdin General Hospital
I knew Sasha as a great speaker and presenter before I attended his seminars. During the training he introduced me to the world of communication and personal development and has proven to be an excellent person to transfer valuable knowledge. The main benefit I got from Sasha has built a higher degree of confidence in me, which led the way out of my comfort zone and since I work as sale manager, additional benefit was much easier way for me to conclude the sales process. I gained tangible results in personal development and my communication skills - that is why I can confidently recommend him.

Goran Mudri

Freelancer // Project Manager // WordPress // Digital Marketer // Consultant
I had the opportunity of meeting Sasha primarily through his role of NLP trainer and after completing the NLP Master course I can conclude that Sasha is a trainer I appreciate and respect. His skills as a trainer made me think so. One of Sasha`s greatest assets is his ability to create a positive and encouraging learning environment in which he cunningly plants intended knowledge and then makes sure participants lock it in their memories through detailed practice. Truly the guy you pick if you want to learn quick.

Tihana Dragicevic

Managing Director and Head Coach at Elevate
Few years ago I got a recommendation from my good friend to attend Sasha's lecture, and had no expectations about the content of lecture or his prior work. Sasha delivered an unusual and intriguing talk, very different from usual teacher and presenters talks up to the day. I would describe Sasha's teaching style as a combination of acting, presenting and a stand up comedy. His ability to cope with difficulties and failure influences other people, and his incorrigible humor and positivity is strongly addictive.If you are searching for a training that will help you step on the next level in your business and private life, I recommend you at least visit his lecture or one of his intro seminars.

Toni Grzinic

Information Security Consultant at Diverto LLC

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Be Your Better Self

This book is filled with powerful metaphors and practical information in order to give you the “know how” of living a more rewarding life. By working through the material, you’ll soon have the personal power and strategies to build your own desired reality when you learn:

• Why you act the way you do – Understand your personal organization
• Why do you reject certain behaviors and accept others
• How to understand the difference between positive motivation and negative motivation—and the important role they each play in your life
• How to become motivated in your work place and in your personal life
• Understand how our personal beliefs can limit you or help you create new resources
• How to deal with limiting beliefs that sabotage your desired state
• How to understand and manage inputs that generate your personal transformation
• How to install new, desired habits
• How to stay loyal to your integrity

Take control of your life now and Become Your Better Self today

"Be Your Better Self" - 100 stranica besplatno!

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NLP Basic dvodnevni je seminar koji po izrazito prihvatljivoj cijeni daje pregled o tome što zapravo NLP predstavlja, a također uključuje bazične NLP vještine iz područja komunikacijskih vještina i osobnog razvoja.

NLP Practitioner

Koliko često se nalazite u situacijama gdje ulazite u one iste obrasce ponašanja koji vas ne dovode do željenih rezultata? Imate spoznaju da vas ti, uvijek isti obrasci ne dovode do vama željenih cijeva? Nemate li dojam da povremeno sami sebe sabotirate u ostvarenju vama željenih ciljeva?

NLP Master

NLP Master Practitioner trening podučava vas kako da novo nastalim problemima pritupate s jednog višeg NeuroLogičkog nivoa što vas dovodi do toga da ćete svaku NLP tehniku primjenjivati učinkovitije, brže i moćnije u odnosu na NLP Practitioner.

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